About NUS Conference Reps


What are NUS Conference Reps?

Every Students' Union who is a member/ affiliate of the National Union of Students (NUS) is entitled to elect and send a group of representatives to the NUS National Conference each year. 

Teesside University Students' Union is allocated three reps by NUS and, after being elected by students, they join the three current Student Officers (who attend without having to be elected) as the Teesside University delegation fo the three-day event. It takes place from Tue, 6th to Thu, 8th April 2021. It will be online only this year due to the ongoing challenges related to Coronavirus.

Reps are there to...

  • Represent Teesside University and all our students.
  • Listen to and speak at the various debates taking place at the conference about the big issues facing students.
  • Vote on the key policies NUS plan to adopt in the year ahead.
  • Vote for their choices for the next set of national leaders of the student movement including the next President.
  • Have fun and meet students and student officers from other universities.

What are the main reasons I should stand for a position?

  • It's a unique opportunity to speak up for all students at Teesside University and have a say on the direction the national student movement takes in the year ahead.
  • It's a chance to gain unrivalled experience and skills which will give you a real advantage in the job market when you complete your time in office. Even if you don't win just being a candidate is an amazing experience!
  • Some of your expenses are paid by the Students' Union including travel to and from the conference and a hotel room while you're at the event. We'll also consider reasonable expense claims for breakfast and evening meals.
  • When a physical conference is allowed to take place, it's a good balance of work and play with a thriving social scene every night and the chance to meet loads of interesting new people.
  • Previous candidates and Officers have gone on to work in a wide range of exciting and high profile roles at universities, students' unions, NUS, business, the charitable sector and more!
  • No previous experience or involvement in student issues is needed (though it is helpful!). All you need is a willingness to work hard and a passion for making a difference to students' lives!
  • It's a great "first step" if you're thinking of eventually running for a Student Officer position but not ready for that commitment yet.
  • It requires only a small time commitment from you. You'll need to campaign while voting is open, attend a short training/ briefing session and then spend just three days at the actual Conference. 

What do I need to remember?

  • You must be a current student at the time that voting is taking place to be able to stand as a candidate.
  • You must also continue to be a current student when Conference is due to take place to be able to attend and represent Teesside University.
  • No previous experience or special skills are needed and training/ support will be provided before you attend Conference.