About SU Elections

Why does the SU hold elections? The SU is required, by law and our own constitution, to give all current students the opportunity to stand in elections for key representative positions at the SU. It's vital that everything we do is led by students for students and that the people who lead the SU and chair key decision making bodies are accountable to the student body. Students can currently run for a range of elected positions with the biggest being one of the 3 Student Officer positions (paid, full-time) and 3 NUS National Conference Rep roles (online and unpaid this year). They can also stand for voluntary roles taking only a limited amount of their time while they study such as the Chair of key bodies like Athletic Union, Societies Federation, Student Rep Forum. Members of a club or society can run for an elected role running and leading it as Chair or in another committee role.


Who can stand in SU elections? All current students have the right to stand for elected positions with the SU*. If you wish to run for a role as a lead member of a club or society you will need to be an existing member and up to date with your membership fees. Previous experience isn't required for any of our elected roles and you'll always get lots of support from SU staff whichever role you run for. You just need to be passionate, hardworking and actually have the time for the role! We always advise students to complete their studies before running for a Student Officer role, however you are able to run at any time that you're a student.


How are the elections decided? All current students have the right to vote in the Student Officer and NUS Conference Rep Elections, they do this online through the University blackboard system using their usual student username and password. Eligibility to vote in other elections depends on the body, club or society for which the election is being held, however, the election will always be by secret paper ballot. The SU always uses the Single Transferrable Vote system and this is explained to students before they vote, we'll also be adding a video on how to vote in the Student Officer and NUS Conference Rep Elections 2020 here soon.


Why vote in the elections?  Even if you don't use the SU that often the outcome of the elections WILL affect you! It's worth taking a few moments to ensure you've had your say about the people who will represent your views and interests to the Uni and on the big stage at NUS National Conference. We'll add a full list of the reasons we think you should vote soon and remember that not knowing who the candidates are is no excuse! They'll be campaigning and we'll have a full web section with all their manifestos on, plus there's a Meet The Candidates event you can participate in this March!