Academic Advice

We have three Academic Advisers within SU Student Support (SUSS); Ellie Greco, Tony Garrett and Jo Beckwith. Our advisers are trained to give impartial and honest advice on any difficulties impacting upon your ability to progress with your academic studies. Ellie, Tony and Jo can support you through the processes below and you can find out how to contact them here.

  • Academic Misconduct: Advisers can support students who have to attend an Academic Misconduct hearing due to plagiarism, collusion or exam cheating for example.
  • Complaints: Student who wish to make a complaint about the University, staff, fellow students etc. can get advice from the Academic Advisers.
  • Academic Appeals: Academic Advisers can help students who wish to appeal if they feel they have been disadvantaged whilst completing an assessment.
  • Admissions Appeals: Prospective students may appeal the decision of their place at University, Academic Advisers can help with this.
  • Extenuating Circumstances: Students may have a personal matter which is affecting their ability to complete their studies, Academic Advisers can guide students through applying for Extenuating Circumstances.
  • Disciplinary matters: Students who are to attend a Disciplinary hearing can gain support from Academic Advisers to help them through this process.
  • Fitness to Practice: Students within the School of Health and Social Care and the School of Social Sciences Business and Law can gain support and guidance from Academic Advisers with all matters associated with a Fitness to Practise hearing.