Get A Love It Card

Get A Love It Card

Tuesday 08 August 2017 - 5:05pm - midnight

Teesside University Students' Union


£76.00 (Loveit Card)
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The Love it Card gets you GUARANTEED FREE ENTRY to all the amazing nights operated by the SU events team for the rest of the year. You’ll get free entry in to every Friday and Monday club night (including the ones with appearances from big name acts) not to mention the Final Fling, Festive Friday, Nightmare On Southfield Road (Halloween), Paddy’s Day Party, Bingo Revolution and so much more ! Buy a love it card now and you could still save hundreds this year!!!

> Log in above > Reserve your card > Keep The e-mail receipt we'll send you > Exchange it for a Love It Card in the SU Building (1st floor) > Party Hard

*PLEASE NOTE - The card does not include entry to The Annual Awards or The Societies Awards which are operated by the SU Activities team and for which you will need to purchase a separate ticket when they go on sale early in 2018.