Fresher’s Passes get you entry to every event over the full two weeks of Fresher’s 2019 for just £20 – That’s over £40 in discounts alone - No queues, no hassle. You can order a fresher’s pass online from www.tees-su.org.uk/fresherspass or purchase one from the SU from SATURDAY 14TH SEPTEMBER onwards.



Love it Card - Saves you over £266 a year with guaranteed entry to all our events held throughout the 2019/20 academic year There are only 500 available for just £75.00 Each. Plus when you buy a love it card and you will get your Fresher’s Pass for Free!!! A Love It card can a massive £100 in term one alone. Cards can be purchased online from www.tees-su.org.uk/liveitcard or from the Welcome Desk on SATURDAY 14TH SEPTEMBER onwards!!



For Love it cards and passes you’ll need to head to the SU Welcome Desk(1st floor SU building) and collect between


Saturday 14th September - 12pm - 10pm ... Sunday 15th September - 11am - 10pm ... Monday 16th September - 10am – 10pm ... Tuesday 17th September - 10am – 10pm


Weekdays after - 9am til 5pm daily Individual event tickets can be collected on the night of each event, again from the Welcome Desk 30 minutes before opening and for the duration of the event



You will need your TUSC (Teesside University Student Card) to get into the SU Building after Fresher’s Week. If you’re fortunate to look under 21 we recommend you bring a PASS approved ID card, driving licence or passport as proof of age. We will be asking for ID at all bars, so if you are asked for ID but can’t produce it, you won’t be served!



We don’t want you to leave any valuables or personal belongings unattended. The cloakroom will be open for club nights, charging £1.50/bag & £1/any other item. You can return to your items as many times as you like. The cloakroom is located at the Welcome Deck – 1st Floor of the SU building.



Take care of yourself! If you need medical attention throughout, for any reason, we have a dedicated team of first aiders on site just look for the Venue staff in grey shirts. If you’re planning to drink alcohol please do it sensibly and try to drink plenty of water too.



If you head over to our events Facebook all the information you need will be there including start times, entry prices and also the many offers we have on.



We’ve got local residents surrounding the Campus Heart so try not be a nuisance.



We reserve the right to withdraw invitation for anyone to be on the premises at any time. In particular we reserve the right to refuse entry to, or to remove from, the venue any persons who are drunk or disorderly or whose conduct is unlawful or offensive. Anyone who refuses a request for a search, is found or suspected of possessing illegal drugs, alcohol or weapons or who is not entitled to attend the event will also be removed. Any person who causes a disturbance or who refuses to comply with reasonable requests from venue management may be asked to leave. We will not refund the cost of entry in any such case.



Please keep hydrated with plenty of water and do not drink to excess. There are over 3000 free bottles of water on-site from our hydration station and free drinking water available from all the internal counters.



Free parking is available in the SU car park, just off Victoria Road, after 5.00pm weekdays and on weekends, it’s also the best place for drop off and collection – Use this handy link to get you to us – www.tees-su.org.uk/directions



www.safezoneapp.com or from the app store





Is Freshers all about partying and drinking alcohol?

DEFINITELY NOT! We’ve got loads of great stuff through the day during the fortnight including freebies and discounts from our commercial partners, a chance to find out more about our many clubs and societies, info on staying safe and well while you study, massive house plant/ vintage clothing and poster/ art sales plus much, much more. We’ve also got more variety than ever in our evening events including comedy, bingo, a roller disco and more. Our venues are safe, friendly and welcome EVERYONE! Don’t worry if you don’t drink alcohol or not…there’ll be plenty of offers on our wide selection of non-alcoholic drinks and there’ll be plenty of other students who either don’t drink much or any alcohol at our events.


How can I find out more about sports clubs and societies?

You can get yourself to our Societies Day on Tue, 17th September and our Sports Clubs Day on Wed, 18th September from 10am to 4pm in The Hub and you can check out tees-su.org.uk/activities for info on all of the current clubs and societies, there’s also details there on how to start new ones! Clubs and Societies are a proven way of making new friends, settling in to student life more quickly and boosting your skills and experience so, no matter how much time you can spare, we’d urge you to give them a go!


How can I get help and support?

We know Fresher’s can be stressful and challenging whether you’re new to uni or back for another year. Either way the Students’ Union is here for you and our SU Student Support (SUSS) team will be available weekdays (you may have to make an appointment to discuss some things) from 10am to 4pm to help with housing and housemate problems, money problems, trouble settling in and homesickness, problems with your course or the Uni and more besides. Maybe you’re already struggling with a mental health problem and need extra support…they’ll be able to point you in the right direction, we also run a listening service from 8pm and overnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday called Nightline. Our trained student volunteers will be there to listen and to help whatever you’re going through.


Apart from the Fresher’s Pass and Love It Card, how else can I get savings and discounts as a student?

Get yourself the great value Totum Card and app from The National Union of Students (NUS) for a one off payment of just £12! It’s valid for 12 months from whatever date you buy it and gets you discount, savings and card holder only offers on food, drink, cinema, music, fashion from many big and local names! TUSU also gets 40% of every sale so you’ll be doing your SU a big favour!



What help can I get with finding a job?

Our jobs service (1st floor, SU building and part of SU Student Support) advertises any vacancies with the SU (admin, reception, counters, kitchen, venue, technical, social media, design and marketing) and a huge range of opportunities with businesses right around Teesside! You can find them on jobs boards on the first floor or through tees-su.org.uk/jobs. We can also give you longer term help with your employability and advise on any ideas you have for starting your own business through our Enterprise and Employability Co-ordinator.


What do I do when I’m hungry or thirsty?

We think you should head to the SU Shop (ground floor and open 7 days a week) or The Terrace (1st floor and open 7 days a week). The shop has snacks, drinks, great value meal deals, fruit and other healthier options while The Terrace serves delicious hot food and a wide range of drinks and beverages throughout the day and in to the evening. Check out tees-su.org.uk/terracemenus.


Who represents me as a student and how can I find out more about them?

TUSU is led by three Student Officers who all current students had the chance to elect back in March. Alan Lofthouse (President Education), George Reeves (President Activities) and Sophie Bennett (President Welfare) run a wide range of campaigns around health, safety, wellbeing, academic issues and more along with making sure your voice is heard by the most senior figures at the Uni including the Board of Governors, Vice-Chancellor and his executive. Find out more about them and what they’re currently doing through tees-su.org.uk/officers.
We also train and support School Reps and Course Reps who are current students who gather your feedback and work with the Student Officers and the most senior figures in each school (Deans/ Assistant Deans, School Managers, Course Leaders etc.) to make sure your voice is heard and improvements are made with your opinions being taken in to account.