Battle Re-Enactment

The Reenactment Society gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in over 800 years of history, from the 11th and 12th centuries to the end of the Napoleonic Wars.

We train regularly by means of medieval melee combat, archery and Napoleonic drill to recreate historically authentic (and safe!) battles for both our and public enjoyment.

It's not all training - we will attend numerous shows across the country where you can join us and numerous re-enactment groups in creating historical battles and encampments, fighting and living in the ways our forbears would have done.

You don’t need any kit to join in the fun. We can provide all the necessary equipment and training in their safe use, and you can even make some equipment yourself as we have many members who are well trained in such things. If you're interested in the historical world and socialising with our unique sense of fun, or just want to give us a try, we welcome all comers, and are open to everyone.

In order to attend an event you must be a full or temporary member of Crusade Re-enactment.

For any information in regards to this society, please email us at: