Crime Scene and Forensic Science

Hi and welcome to Teesside University's Crime Scene and Forensic Society.

We have a few things planned but we're always
looking for suggestions from members.
We will keep everyone updated on society events via Facebook and email.
We plan to do practicals such as photography,
fingerprinting, item packaging, etc.
There will also be fun, social activities
such as Murder Mystery Nights and Cluedo (potentially other games as well).

Here are our Facebook pages/groups:

( This is the main Facebook group, it has all the
lecturers as well as old members of the society, it is used mainly for sharing
available jobs etc.

( This is the second society page, for current
members of the society. This is where we will keep everyone informed of
upcoming events.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us
using the society email (
or you can email us directly.

Traian Fulea -

Charlotte Stephenson -

Kinga Wachaczewska -