Teesside University Electric Vehicle Society

Welcome to TUEVS! We are a student society with a common interest in Electric Vehicles. We currently have some live projects underway building electric vehicles of our own but welcome any and all who share our passion for a future of cleaner, more sustainably powered vehicles

Do you have a passion for vehicles? For technology? perhaps you just want to do something completely different?

At the Electrical Vehicles Society we may have just the thing for you!

As a society, we welcome any and all who may wish to endorse their passion for Electric Vehicles and for those who like to get stuck in, why not lend a hand with one of our live projects?

We currently have 2 Electric motorcycles in development, 1 approaching completion and 1 in the design stages, with plans to also collaborate with the Tees Racing Team and introduce a joint 4 wheel project into the lineup. Along with these, we will also be happy to support society members with their own individual projects and can offer support, knowledge, workshop skills and enthusiasm!

Alongside your development of workshop skills, theoretical knowledge and research techniques you could also develop soft skills within the project. These can include skills like team working, time management, project management, leadership (and many others!) which may help to boost employability, invovement in the projects themselves can be an excellent sales pitch!

Find out more about the VOLTees project here!

If we have managed to tickle your fancy, pop along to workshop IC0.47 in the Stephenson Building at 1pm on a wednesday and come say hello!

We look forward to seeing you there!