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Founded in 2012, Teesside University Archers give students a chance to learn and practice a skill that’s been around for centuries. We offer both target and field archery on either a casual or competitive basis, and cater for a range of styles from the iconic English Longbow through to the modern Compound bow. 

Qualified coaches are available to run introductory sessions for those shooting for the first time, or one-to-one sessions for those who wish to refine their technique. The club is affiliated with Archery GB and our coaches are trained to meet their standards.

Competitive opportunities include matches in the North-East University Archery League (NEUAL), the NEUAL championships, the BUCS championships and other national competitions. Extra training sessions are provided for the team to work on finer technique and competition preparation.

Please note Archery beginner session require prior booking before attending, please do not purchase an archery membership before attending a beginner session. Please contact to get more information.