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Clinical Trial Volunteer (5877) (15 positions)

Listed by James Cook University Hospital


Application deadline: Mon 31 Dec 2018
To apply please contact the project manager: Kerry Colling Office contact number 01642 854271


£150 in total for the 4 sessions


1st session: 1 hour 2nd session: approx. 3 hours 3rd session: approx. 3 hours 4th session approx. 3 hours A high proportion of the sessions will be on a Friday.


Job Description

Blood loss is simulated by lying with the hips and legs in a box and applying suction to the box to trap blood in the veins of the lower body: blood does not leave the body. 

This technique is used to demonstrate haemorrhage in the Phase 1 Medicine course at Durham University and has been widely used by various research groups world-wide.

Subjects will also receive tourniquets around the legs..

All subjects will receive a clinical dose of morphine on one trial day and saline (placebo) on another. 

You will be asked to refrain from taking any medicines or drugs (including alcohol) on the day before the trial and from driving for 24 h after each trial day. (Taxis will be arranged for transport to and from James Cook University Hospital on trial days.)

Personal Spec

The study will be limited to subjects aged 18-30 years who are in good health and are not taking any medication.