Mental Health

Mental health has never been a bigger or more important issue with many of us struggling with issues around depression, anxiety or other problems at various stages in our lives. It's not unusual, it's normal and there is lots of help and support available on campus and from outside agencies.

You may find that when studying you experience short or long term periods of poor mental health and while we're not experts here at TUSU we're keen to offer any help we can even if it's just putting you in touch with agencies who can help.

Check out links to some of our key campaigns addressing mental health issues including managing stress, dealing with homesickness and getting sufficient rest below.

There's also useful links if you're having difficulties or just want general support and advice. If you're ever experiencing a serious mental health crisis, especially if it includes suicidal thoughts, please follow these steps IMMEDIATELY.


Stressbusters (Coming soon)

Catching the Zzz (Coming soon)

Away From Home (Coming soon)

The Snooze Room

Tea and Talk (coming soon)