Sensible Semesters

Teesside University Students’ Union (TUSU) is committed to representing the academic interests of all students. We run a range of campaigns every year gathering feedback from students about their academic experience including teaching, feedback, the general organisation of courses and the Uni Library. We also work closely with the University to keep improving all of the above, one of our most recent successes came with the introduction of a 24 Hour Library!

Sensible Semesters aims to find out about student’s experiences of moving to two semesters for study and teaching. We work with the Uni, on any improvements or changes they ask for. President Education Tom Platt will be focusing on student relevant academic issues to improve YOUR time here at Teesside. Find out more about the individual elements of the campaign and give your feedback on assessment deadlines, contact time with your lecturers and timetabling below.

Do you feel that you have multiple assessment deadlines in a short space of time? If so, do you feel you could do better with more time? Your SU is looking into this to give you the opportunity to do your best on each assignment. 
When was the last time you could get in touch with your lecturer? When you needed their help, was your lecturer there for you? The SU is here for you. We’ll be pushing lecturers to be more responsive and to make more time available for you when you need it most. 
Does your timetable fit your needs? Do you think your timetable could be better structured? The SU wants to work with the University to improve timetabling, to bring about realistic changes to benefit your everyday life and your social experience at Teesside.