The Snooze Room

TUSU is only the second Students' Union in the country to provide a Snooze Room facility and it launched in March 2016 to great interest from students, the general public and the media! It's a facility designed to provide students with short but essential opportunities to rest, relax and refresh between lectures and seminars and is currently located on the second floor of the SU Building. Students can go to the SU Welcome Desk (1st floor, SU Building) to ask for access.

You'll be given a full list of terms and conditions for using the facility when you first use it and MUST adhere to these or you may be refused access in future, the facility has also CCTV monitoring at all times. You can see full details of our justification for creating the facility here plus some of the recent media coverage about it and some pictures of the facility below.

The groundbreaking Snooze Room launches (BBC Tees, 9/3/16)
The groundbreaking Snooze Room launches (Evening Gazette, 8/3/16)