Kung Fu

First session is completely FREE.



7 to 9 pm


5 to 8 pm


Training sessions take place at the University’s Olympia Sports Hall.


At the Teesside University Kung Fu we practice Shaolin Kung Fu, an ancient self-defence system.


We offer you the chance to learn applicable self-defence techniques, the opportunity to get graded and take part in optional sparring matches.


Our instructor is a black belt kung Fu practitioner. Having trained at the Qufu Shaolin School in china he is ready to help you learn kung Fu.


We are a friendly club that always welcomes new members. Thus, providing a great environment to learn kung Fu, improve your fitness and have fun.


Are you interested in Kung Fu? Whether it’s for Self-defence or to improve your skills, we welcome anyone and everyone.


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Committee: 2018 -2019


Chair: Zac Walton

Vice-Chair Communication: Jack Sino Xu

Vice-chair Finance: Joshua Pascal