Welcome to the TUSSC Teesside Yetis!

Whether you’re a veteran on the snow or just wanting to learn for a bit of fun, we hold regular trips every two weeks to Xscape, Castleford, to ski, board, and hang out. Even better, as a Yeti, your trip costs include transport to and from the venue and a discounted price for Xscape’s slope passes. Pricing is as follows:


  Recreational*: £27 for 3 hrs
  Single Lessons: £35 for 1.5 hrs
  Fast Track Lessons (combining 2 lessons): £55 for 3 hrs
Race Training: £10 for 2hrs training + 1hr recreational
On weeks without trips, we head down to the SU for a club social where we love to have drinks and catch up. Making our way to Bar-Cuda and eventually capping off the night at Go Ninja for one of the best nights out, you better get ready!
This year (2017/18) we have also decided to introduce a race captain for dedicated members who really want to push their skill level on the snow! This is in training for BUCS competitions and sponsor events, and also Varsity 2018, an annual showdown between all Teesside and Sunderland sports clubs! Feel free to ask/message the committee for more details. Tees what!?
Being part of the Teesside Yetis means you also get the chance to go on the holiday of a lifetime! Gorgeous vistas of flawless mountains covered in fresh, silky-smooth snow is just the beginning! Insane clubs and bars half-way-up the mountain-side and an unreal nightlife makes for an incredible experience.
Partying every night in beautiful mountain ranges such as Tignes and Alpe D’Huez, let’s face it; nothing can compare to Snow Tour!
If you have any questions at all please contact one of the committee members:
  >  Chairman: Corey Hale
> Race Captain: Robson Dukes
  >  Finance: Nathan Butler
  >  Communications: Oliver Hayden-Malpass
  >  Media: Marco De La Chica
Follow us on Instagram and Snapchat for pics and videos of us Yetis in action!
For more information on the committee, videos and FAQs, check out our website (click the yeti!)
Check out our venue at Snozone, Xscape, Castleford here:
Our incredible sponsors this year, check them out for awesome deals:
 >  Wastelandski
 >  Teesside University Student Union
 >  Afterjam Skiwear
  >  Panda Optics
  > FiveEightSupply
We Are Horizontal
  >  Bleubird
  >  Enigma Tattoo Studio
  >  Absolutesnow
The new TUSSC 2019 Custom Hoodie with We Are Horizontal.
The TUSSC Edition now takes on their Boss line of hoodies for the 2019 season, bring back the red including a brand new hand drawn design on the back.
Unfortunately, if you haven't purchased now, you'll have to wait till next year!
If you message committee, there might be a few spares laying around if you missed out. *hush hush!*

*There are a total of 5 lessons that require completion when starting to board or ski. This is to ensure that you can link turns, stop, etc. safely on the slope. Xscape requires you to have completed these lessons before you are able to go on the main slope with a recreational pass. This is primarily for safety reasons and also to make sure the beginners are confident when alone on the slopes.

Please note: Hoodies are not included this year - we are working on some deals though and getting you all the cheapest price possible!