Society Stripes

Society Stripes are a great way for any society to showcase their hard work and development over the academic year across a range of areas. This includes reaching out to the wider student body or local community, improving the skills and employability of members, finding innovative ways to build and promote the society and good general management of the society alongside many others!

Each of the stripes is awarded following an application from the society which shows the President Activities and Activities staff how they have met and, hopefully, surpassed the criteria for it. We are in the process of updating the requirements for the stripes and will add them back to this page very soon. In the meantime, please contact Peter Russell-Wilson to discuss applying for stripes.

PLEASE NOTE: Except the Start-Up Stripe (which is awarded at the beginning of each academic year) stripes are awarded at the end of each academic term and can then be displayed on a societies individual web page. A single member can lead activities to gain a stripe, but all members must benefit from the activity. Different members may complete the sections of the SAAF1 application form. It is, however, the responsibility of the officer and member signing the form to ensure that the information contained is correct for all sections.