We wanted to update you on which of our venues and services are available for you to use in-person and which can only be accessed online following the latest changes introduced by the Government yesterday. In short, Teesside University Students' Union (TUSU) remains open and available as it has for the past few weeks. You can see who and what is available when below. We also summarise what you and people in your household can do to keep the TUSU Building safe and minimise the risk of infection, please read all of it carefully:

  • Your Student Officers will remain available online through our various e-mail accounts and social media (see the linked web page for full details). We will be running online events to gather your feedback and help/ support you during Semester One. Keep an eye on tees-su.org.uk/events or facebook.com/teessidesu for updates on these.
  • The Terrace (1st floor, SU Building), our multi-award winning bar and restaurant, remains open as planned from 10.30 am on weekdays and 12.30 pm on Saturdays (the venue is closed on Sundays from now on) for groups of up to six who are from the same household (please only come in with housemates or relatives who live with you). We now call last orders at 9.15 pm, and customers must be out of the venue by 10 pm prompt every night in accordance with the new rules. We already ask customers to utilise tees-su.org.uk/order for ordering food and drink and offer table service only; this practice will continue indefinitely, so please remember to bring your mobile phone or another device to order with. Please also be aware that our food service times are subject to change subject to the level of demand and we will do our best to update you on our social media and tees-su.org.uk in advance if we do decide to stop serving early.
  • All advertised events in the venue and online will go ahead as planned but may be subject to an earlier start time and moved to a different venue than currently advertised so please do keep an eye on our social media and website for changes.
  • The SU Shop (Ground floor, SU Building) is open weekdays from 8.30 am to 4 pm. It is closed at weekends.
  • The SU Welcome Desk (1st floor, SU Building) is open weekdays from 10 am to 4 pm to direct and signpost you to SU services and provide general assistance. Alternatively, you can contact; enquiries@tees-su.org.uk or 01642 342234 and our staff will do all they can to help you that way.
  • The Love it Lounge (1st floor, SU Building) is available whenever the building is open for small groups to meet or socialise and individual study, but no food or drink can be consumed in there.
  • The SU Activities service will be an online service only until further notice, but the team are ready and waiting to answer your questions about societies and sports clubs through activities@tees-su.org.ukor facebook.com/TUSUActivities.
  • SU Student Support (SUSS) remains an online service only until further notice, but the team are ready and waiting to help you on weekdays through suss@tees-su.org.uk or facebook.com/SUStudentSupport. In very exceptional circumstances, an adviser may be able to see a student face to face, but this will be discussed when you contact them online.
  • Your School and Course Reps will remain contactable through their various e-mail addresses and social media. They will continue to gather your feedback and speak up for you to senior staff in each school of the University.

You can do your bit by:

  • Not visiting the SU Building or any other public venues if you are showing even mild symptoms of coronavirus or are legally required to quarantine for 14 days having arrived from another country.
  • Reporting any symptoms you are showing to Teesside University, making sure you follow the Teesside Uni Campus Community Pledge and utilising the Safe Zone app to check-in and out of campus.
  • Utilising sign-in systems such as applications when using the SU Building so you can be track and traced if an outbreak occurs.
  • Wearing a mask whenever you are instructed to.
  • Following any one way systems that have been established in venues including the SU Building.
  • Maintaining a two-metre distance from others whenever physically possible.
  • Making frequent use of hand sanitising stations provided here in the SU Building or other venues.
  • Not gathering in groups of more than six who are from the same household or moving from a table that you have been designated.
  • Booking in advance for events when asked to, so that the SU and other venues know how many people to expect.
  • Not approaching the bar in our venue or others and instead utilising phone or web apps provided to order.
  • Not moving furniture in a venue, it will have been set up the way it is for good reasons.
  • Respecting the 10 pm closing times for licensed premises and leaving promptly when asked to do so.
  • Not having large private gatherings indoors or outdoors but instead sticking to the rule of six from the same household or two households if gathering outside.


 Alan Lofthouse, George Reeves and Elisha Lycett – Teesside University Students’ Union Student Officers, 2020/21.