Landlord & Letting Agent Accreditation



The TUSU Landlord Accreditation Scheme launched in 2017/18 and is focussed on ensuring that students have access to the best possible range of private accommodation. We will...

  • Maintain a list of recommended landlords and these landlords are asked to adhere to minimum standards and regulations.
  • Work in partnership with private accommodation providers.
  • Support landlords to increase the amount of good quality student accommodation in the area.
  • Enable students to obtain information about, and have access to, the best possible accommodation.
  • Encourage, acknowledge, raise awareness of and actively promote good standards and management practices in student accommodation.

Currently accredited by TUSU... 


Limetree Student Living, Eileen Millward, The Room Guru, Campus Lifestyle, Fairbridge Estates,

Chris Wescomb, Boro PropertiesDoubles Ltd, Students OnlyEazymove Ltd.

The following landords hold ANUK accreditation which covers a similar criteria to the Students' Union accreditation...   Rede HouseLinthorpe 248.