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Course Representatives are voted in by their peers to deal with issues at course level liaising with students, academic staff and the SU. Issues they deal with can include temperatures in lecture theatres, teaching styles and assignment and module content amongst others. Course Reps attend Programme Boards twice a year to meet with academic staff on their course and give feedback. Course Reps are supported by SU Student Support (SUSS) via the Representation Coordinator, training, workshops and the School Representatives. School Representatives go through a recruitment process and are members of staff in the Representation department of SU Student Support (SUSS).


School Representatives receive feedback from Course Reps on individual courses and deal with issues at school level by liaising with senior academic staff. School Representatives attend higher level meetings and boards within the university and SU such as Student Experience Sub Committee and Learning and Teaching. School Reps are supported by the Representation Coordinator, training and the SU Officers.