The Course and School Representatives are here to represent your academic interests and to ensure that you have a positive experience whilst studying here at Teesside University. Ensuring that you have your voice heard, whether you have an academic issue or have some positive feedback about your course, is really important to us. The reps are here to ensure that the right people in the University get to hear your feedback so that positive changes can be made together!

At the start of each academic year, Course Representatives are elected by their cohorts to deal with any issues that may arise at course level, or to communicate any positive feedback to members of staff. They are SU volunteers and will work closely with Students’ Union Student Support (SUSS) and the SU Officers. Course Representatives will work closely with the School Representatives who are appointed by the SU. School Representatives deal with any feedback that Course Representatives pass on which may need raising at a higher level, and any issues or positive feedback arising at a school level by liaising with senior academic staff. To see the differences between the School Representatives and Course Representatives please click here.








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If you are having an issue with your course then you can contact your reps at any time, or if you have any queries regarding student representation or you would like more information about becoming a rep yourself then you can contact the SU representation team in SUSS.