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About School and Course Reps

Course Representatives are voted in by their peers to deal with issues at course level liaising with students, academic staff and the SU. Issues they deal with can include temperatures in lecture theatres, teaching styles and assignment and module content amongst others. Course Representatives must attend Programme Boards twice a year to meet with academic staff on their course and give feedback. They must also attend a Course Representative Forum and Course Representative Conference, which occur once a semester, allowing the Course Representatives to meet with fellow Course Representatives within their School and University-wide. Course Representatives are supported by SU Student Support (SUSS) via the Representation & Campaigns Coordinator & Representation Assistant, compulsory training and the School Representatives. School Representatives go through a recruitment process and are members of staff in the Representation department of SU Student Support (SUSS).


School Representatives receive feedback from Course Representatives on individual courses and deal with issues at school level by liaising with senior academic staff. School Representatives attend higher-level meetings and boards within the university and SU such as Student Experience Sub Committee and Learning and Teaching. School Representatives are supported by the Representation & Campaigns Coordinator, training and the SU Officers.



Winning for students

  • School of Health and Life Sciences students ran a poll asking students about recent changes to access to buildings on campus which are intended to make them more secure. Respondents said it would be helpful to have an app on their phone that opened doors for them and Alan Lofthouse (President Education) took the feedback to the Uni. Students can now download an app to their phone, you just need to speak to staff on the ground floor of the Teesside Uni Library at their help desk about it.
  • School of Computing, Engineering, and Digital Technologies School Reps are helping to brighten up The Greig and Europa Buildings. They are showcasing recent work from a range of students in the school on walls in there.
  • Over 140 Course Reps have attended conferences and forums organised by representation staff and School Reps in the past few weeks giving them another vital opportunity to have their say. A special mention to the School of Computing, Engineering and Digital Technologies Reps who attracted over 60 students to their forum.
  • One of the Reps above also recently got confirmation from their school that most engineering students can download the important Solidworks software free of charge.
  • Business School Rep Nicolle Collins has been working with the SU on a Christmas Market. The event takes place on Mon, 2nd December here on the first floor of the building and we hope to have up to 20 stalls selling festive food, drink, decorations, and more.