The Board of Trustees

What is The Board of Trustees?

The board is part of the requirements of being a registered charity. It means that the overall direction and running of the SU is overseen by a wider range of people with a variety of experience, backgrounds and skills. It also helps improve decision making, efficiency and accountability. The board has three Officer Trustees elected by the whole student body and they hold the positions of President Education, President Activities and President Welfare.

How are they chosen?

We have four positions for External Trustees which are filled by experienced and distinguished people from the public, private, and charitable sectors. The External Trustees are not elected by students but instead recruited by the Board of Trustees’ Appointments Committee to provide expert advice and guidance to the Officer Trustees. The board is completed by two positions for Student Trustees from the wider student body, they are nominated by the Board’s Appointments Committee.

What does the Board do?

The board meets 4 times a year and has the final say on all major decisions facing the Students' Union. The board discuss the progress and long term strategy of the Students’ Union and all members are involved in discussions and decisions on any major changes. They also monitor risks to the organisation, its policies and procedures while ensuring systems are in place to ensure officer and staff accountability. The Chief Executive of the Students' Union is accountable to them and attends board meetings to report on progress.