SU Shop


The SU Shop is thousands of students’ first port of call every day during term time to buy a wide range of products. Newspapers and magazines. Special course related materials you may need. Freshly made sandwiches and meal deals for lunch plus a range of snack options. Everyday stationery like pens, pencils and folders plus more course specific stuff such as lab coats or craft materials. The ONLY place on campus to buy OFFICIAL Teesside University merchandise such as hoodies, other clothing and branded stationery.

If we haven't got it we'll try to get it through our ordering service and there's always special offers and great savings for students as well so make sure you drop in (Ground floor, SU Building) or read your monthly e-mails from us to see what we've discounted this month! The SU Shop is open 8am to 9pm weekdays, 12pm to 7pm weekends during term time.