Student Opinion Counts (SOC)

Student Opinion Counts (SOC) is the biggest and most influential piece of student research that TUSU carries out. The short, simple four part survey runs every other year and gives all students, regardless of their relationship with the SU or their background, a chance to tell us about:

  • The good and bad aspects of your student life. 
  • What you think the University gets right and what it can improve on.
  • How much you know about how the Students' Union is led and run along with the impact you think we make for students.
  • Your usage of and opinion of our various services, events, facilities, sports clubs and societies.

We've run the research for over ten years and it ALWAYS makes a big impact on the developments and improvements we make to the Students' Union building, campaign and representation priorities, our individual services/ events and the issues we raise with the University on your behalf. Your feedback CAN and WILL make a difference and you could win £100, £250 or even £500 for taking the time to complete our short, simple surveys. Keep checking back for links to the surveys (the first survey will be added at the end of October 2019). 


Prize info/ Terms and conditions:

  • Every student who supplies their TUSC number (only used for demographic analysis and contact should they win a prize) when they complete a survey is eligible for the prizes.
  • Respondents who complete one survey are eligible to win £100, Respondents who complete two surveys are eligible to win £200, Respondents who complete three surveys are eligible to win £250 and respondents who completes all four surveys are eligible to win £500.
  • Links to the surveys will be added at the end of October, Early December, The end of January and the start of March 2020. 
  • Winners will be selected by a random generator application and cash prizes will be paid by Teesside University Students' Union by credit transfer at the end of March 2020 or when individual surveys are closed to respondents...whichever occurs first.
  • Winning students will be invited to participate in some publicity about their win or can choose to remain anonymous.