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by MICHAEL WEBB 03 June 2020, 22:43

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As the DisabiliTEES society struggled to get started in 2019, would there be enough interest in it to try again?


Basically, the basic idea was, and still is, for students who have a visible or hidden disability to meet up once a week/once a fortnight, to discuss any issues we may have, to provide support to each other, raise awareness of our own conditions - both via the SU and with our fellow students (such as the nurses and paramedics, who may wish to learn about a certain condition). We could also arrange external speakers to provide talks, as well. Not only with the more formal side, there would be plenty of scope for social activities, not only on campus but externally, too.


Of course, the society wouldn't restrict anyone joining - whether you have diabetes, asthma, dyslexia, aspergers or any other form of physical or mental health 'issue': in fact, if you wish to learn of a certain condition to gain a better understanding, you'd be more than welcome.


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    SALLYANNE FORT   wrote, 25-09-2020 - 02:03

    great idea .

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    LISA LEWARNE   wrote, 17-10-2020 - 12:49


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    MARDIN ABDALQADIR   wrote, 27-05-2021 - 12:14

    Great idea

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