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by Martin John 25 January 2019, 11:40

Category: Student Support

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Tell us what you think the Uni or SU (or both) should be doing for students and if enough other students support it our Student Officers will do what they can to make it happen*


(*Obviously we can't guarantee every suggestion will be actioned, please don't make suggestions that it would be impossible to action or which may cause offence to other users of this website : - )).


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    GODLY SHAGEE   wrote, 29-01-2019 - 11:08

    There should be a non computer section in the quiet area on the 3rd floor of the library.

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    Martin John   wrote, 30-01-2019 - 12:33

    Thanks for this do you mind submitting it as an actual idea/ petition rather than replying to the above...just so it's properly visible to students.

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    BEXIN PERUVALLOOR KUNHUTTY   wrote, 05-02-2019 - 18:10

    we should conduct a 'cultural' exchange event

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    RICKY GEORGE   wrote, 11-03-2019 - 13:02

    A society for memory techniques to help students learn and recall theories and theorems easily.

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    LAUREN TAYLOR   wrote, 25-03-2019 - 11:57

    We need more areas in the library (rooms etc...) where those with learning difficulties can book out and use for working.

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    JOE WALKER   wrote, 15-08-2019 - 01:48

    I believe a Writing society would be fantastic as it would span across a vast variety of students on various course. Whether it be Poets, Screenwriters, Novelists ect. It could be a place for us all to come together and share our work, gain feedback and also just discuss writing as a whole.

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