Zoo Conservation of Wild Animals Society

by PETER CHARLTON 06 September 2019, 20:32

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In the Wild Exotic and mesmerising Animals are becoming very Close to Extinction with Poachers hunting these animals for their skin and other stuff and ofcourse Global Warming And Deforestation And Zoos, Safari Parks And Wildlife parks around the World are doing their very best to help protect these animals by recreating their habitat and showing people who can’t get to these places in the Wild what magnificent animals these are as well as breeding them to reclaim the decreased Population in the wild and increase the Animal population.


the Idea I’m pitching is a Zoo Conservation of Wild Animals society where Teesside University Can help Zoos, safari Parks and Wildlife Parks with their conservation mission by Fundraising, Events and other kinds of stuff and Teesside University can work together with these Zoological societys to help protect these Animals 


Peter Charlton Starting Year 1 in Animal Science and Welfare In September 2019